Creating innovative retail marketing solutions for more than 70 years

About Us

More than 70 years ago, Lloyd Sauer purchased a printing business called Colorprint Products in Milwaukee. Sauer recognized the need for printed signs that advertised directly to customers to help sell products at the point of sale. He was one of the first to provide hardware to mount and display signs in window displays for shoe stores, department stores and automotive showrooms.

The company name was soon changed to Display Corporation and quickly grew with an impressive list of clients that included Cadillac and Buick, two of our longest standing clients, as well as other prominent manufacturers at the time, such as GE, Philco and Frigidaire.

In March 2013, DCI Marketing and Artform International joined forces to become one of the largest retail shopper marketing agencies in the world. Known throughout Europe as the leading cosmetics and digital retail merchandising company, Artform International was a natural partner for DCI Marketing to combine resources and expertise to create one of the most comprehensive U.S. and international operations that provides you with global reach to launch your retail marketing programs worldwide.

We have been privileged to work with many of the top Fortune 100 global companies to develop and deliver award-winning retail marketing solutions and retail environments that engage, inform and convert consumers into buyers.

We have some of the most talented design and marketing experts who apply Retail Science, high-level conceptual thinking and industry-leading innovation to create breakthrough solutions, including:

  • Custom retail merchandising displays
  • Integrated digital solutions in retail environments
  • Complete reinventions of retail spaces
  • Custom direct marketing programs
  • Site furnishings and proprietary product solutions

By combining Retail Science, consumer insights, marketing strategy and decades of real-world experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide a variety of integrated retail marketing solutions that deliver measurable ROI for you.

We call it retail redefined.

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Our Clients

We are privileged to work with many of the finest brands in the world. They value the retail and shopper marketing solutions we develop for consumers that are “more than just selling stuff,” as is evident with our working relationships that span decades. These are solutions that fundamentally change the way people shop. See a partial list of our clients below.

Corporate Social Responsibility

From reducing CO2 emissions to feeding people in need, we conduct all our activities in a responsible manner with a focus on the impact to the environment and the communities in which we operate. The personal safety and health of our employees is of utmost importance.

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