The science
behind the solutions

Our Approach

Is there a science to the way people shop?
Why do they make one purchase decision over another?

By studying shopper behavior and using consumer insights, we’re able to understand how your customers interact with the retail environment and merchandising displays to connect to your products emotionally and physically.

Retail Science

Our solutions are founded on the principles of Retail Science.
This methodology focuses on three main concepts:

  1. Trip Mission: Why and where customers shop
  2. Purchase Cycle: How they shop
  3. Purchase Barriers: Identifying what stops them from buying

We then create retail merchandising and marketing solutions that overcome the Purchase Barriers and facilitate the Purchase Cycle to successfully fulfill the Trip Mission.

Our insight-driven approach, using our proprietary Retail Science methodology, produces retail experiences that truly resonate with your customers, drive specific behavior on an emotional level and deliver measurable ROI.

Does it work?

See some of our Solution Stories below detailing the insights that went into each solution.


By combining Retail Science, consumer insights, marketing strategy and decades of real-world experience, we’re able to deliver proven, integrated merchandising solutions to you. We make it easy for you with a unique range of capabilities, from research to design, production, installation and aftercare for complete end-to-end solutions.

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Consumer Research & Development

Our Retail Science solutions are driven by in-depth consumer research and testing. Our industry-unique, state-of-the-art research and testing labs enable us to dig deeper and test more thoroughly for you than other companies can.

We don’t just throw ideas together and hope that they’ll work. The merchandising solutions we provide you are proven solutions even before rollout – proven by extensive consumer research, proven by comprehensive testing.

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