Proven Solutions Save Time and Money

Research & Development

What if you could have a proven solution developed before you invest your entire budget and rollout a full program to the field?

Our InVision Retail Science Lab is an industry-unique, state-of-the-art working consumer research lab that allows you to scientifically develop and test your merchandising solutions. Located at our Milwaukee headquarters office, this working science lab has a Computer Automated Virtual Environment (CAVE) to show you 3-D virtual environments of your retail space and how display fixtures, floor plans, signage and other retail elements would appear in the retail environment.

We use the latest consumer research tools and services in our InVision Lab to understand consumer behavior and how customers engage with your retail merchandising displays and retail environments.

Digital Media Lab

For digital merchandising solutions, we have a dedicated project team to coordinate and implement every aspect of your digital solution, from strategy through deployment, as well as continual measurement and refinement.

Our in-house Digital Media Lab allows us to conduct consumer research and test content and usability on site before deployment. The lab is a live testing environment and incubator of new and emerging technologies. It is a key component in our development process, allowing us to test the integration of technologies, the effectiveness of content and the intuitiveness of various user interfaces.

  1. Test and develop emerging technologies to understand hardware capabilities, software integration, application functionality, effective and compelling content development and user experience requirements

  2. Simulate multiple scenarios and end-user environments; continually test and readjust content based on observed interaction and testing variables

  3. Develop intelligent and insight-driven POV for various technology-driven applications

  4. Future-proof applications, reduce last-minute design and development changes and increase speed-to-market capabilities of emerging technologies

  5. Application testing and monitoring

  6. Conduct UX/UI consumer testing

  7. Test standard functionality and the quality of digital applications

  8. Test placement, viewing distances and angles, heat and load testing, mounting configuration and ventilation requirements

And we don’t walk away once your system launches. We monitor what your customers choose to interact with. We do this so we can better understand what is most relevant and essential to the purchase process and help you keep making your digital solution even more effective. And we monitor your system on an ongoing basis to ensure that it continues to run smoothly after deployment. We handle it all for you.

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