Our innovative IP-protected products address the needs at the retail environment

Our Brands

Most likely, you’ve already used some of our products without even noticing. As a matter of fact, it would be almost impossible to go through a week without encountering any – just fill up for gas, shop at grocery store, or visit a big box store, and you’ve probably encountered some of our solutions.

Our innovative IP-protected products address the variety of needs across retail, helping to reduce theft, improve merchandising efficiency, enhance facility presentation or distribute digital content and provide data to measure results.

Some solutions we invented have had such positive impact on retail that they became applicable across multiple industries and are now available to everyone as our own proprietary brands. See how these solutions can improve your business right now. We have plenty of examples of how our innovative ideas have revolutionized the way businesses all around you operate.

Space Solutions

Our merchandising systems improve product presentation throughout the store, organize categories, increase pack out and reduce labor, spoilage and out-of-stocks.

  • SpaceGrid
  • Magna-Bar
  • Visi-Yogurt
  • Visi-Slide

Security Solutions

Theft of mobile devices represents $34.5 million in annual losses to retailers. Our solutions provide security, alarms, charging and data tracking.

  • Clipper
  • A-Claw


With the investment in tablets and apps for customers at retail comes the need for a seamless theft-prevention solution.

  • Only solution that secures, tracks, charges and alerts users
  • Pass-code enabled software
  • Transforms the tablet into a secured sales tool, mobile for associates


Our versatile, scalable hardware/software platform manages and distributes customized digital content at retail, and captures consumer interaction and data metrics. The LiveGuide technology platform enables our clients to dynamically distribute and update content throughout their store networks from a centralized content management system, while also providing store operators with the ability to change standard content and develop custom messages from any PC with Web access.

  • Touch-screen kiosks
  • Product information centers
  • Menu boards
  • Promotion screens

Commercial Zone

You've seen them everywhere. Our facility image products enhance exterior and interior appearances of retail and commercial buildings, from convenience stores to office buildings, hotels, restaurants and more.

  • Waste containers
  • Recycle bins
  • Cigarette receptacles
  • Windshield service centers


Make a big impact with Magna-Mount graphics. From oversize wall murals to versatile freestanding kiosks, Magna-Mount displays allow you to change out graphic panels in minutes.

  • Wall murals
  • Kiosks