Security Solutions to Keep Consumer Electronics Safe from Theft

Security Solutions

As consumer electronics devices become more powerful, consumers have an ever-increasing desire to interact with them before they buy. Yet the more ability you give consumers to interact with devices the more you increase the threat of theft.

How do you balance consumers’ need to interact with devices with brands’ and retailers’ concerns about theft? Having helped some of the biggest consumer electronics brands and retailers to solve this two-pronged need for years, we have developed proven solutions to fit both basic and advanced security needs.


TabLatch is the only tablet solution that secures, tracks, charges and alerts users to the status of the tablet with a passcode-protected software app that provides a new level of protection over traditional security systems. Our proprietary technology uses app software on a tablet device to signal locking and unlocking between the tablet’s interlocking case and the docking station. This solution allows for multiple users, each with a personalized passcode, to unlock tablets and use in mobile situations.

TabLatch offers mobility for unique engagement opportunities with customers, while still providing a smarter solution to physical security products. Featuring a universal auto-charging docking station, an ABS case and a quality security locking/unlocking system, TabLatch instantaneously transforms the tablet as a secured sales tool, mobile for associates. Ultimately, TabLatch is premium security that meets style and mobility.

See how TabLatch can redefine tablet use in your business.


The Clipper is a low level adhesive-only security solution perfect for displaying devices that do not need to be powered and live. It gives you a simple and secure way to display devices in the open without fear of customers walking away with them.

Its heavy-duty security cord comes in a variety of materials and thicknesses. It is almost impossible for customers to detach devices from displays, thus deterring theft. Yet a special Clipper Key makes it easy for store personnel to refresh in-store layouts and introduce new devices.

You can integrate Clipper into displays or use it as a stand-alone solution. It will work in almost any type of display you can envision to spotlight your consumer electronic devices.

Clipper is a simple, yet powerful solution to display your consumer electronic devices so that they are both accessible and secure. Use it with confidence wherever you need a basic security solution.


The A-Claw is our most advanced mechanical security system, designed to power and protect live devices with which customers interact to test the devices' functionality. This solution combines five levels of mechanical security, including an armored cable that provides maximum cut resistance. It also contains a universal charging system that enables an always live, in-store experience.

The A-Claw can be seamlessly integrated into any type of furniture or display. If it has access to a power source, it will give you a display of consumer electronics devices that consumers will find fully interactive at all times.

The jaws are designed to work on a variety of devices. Actually, A-Claw can work with any device. If a device you want protected doesn’t fit any A-Claw standard configurations, we can create customized brackets to fit the device.

Let consumers “play” with your devices and sell themselves on why they need to buy them – all without fear that your devices will walk away. That's the beauty of A-Claw.