Helping our employees and clients, preserving the environment and improving the communities where we work and live

Corporate Responsibility

We all want to do the right thing – to help in some way and make the world a better place.

Our Heartbeat initiative enables employees to make our workplace better, to be better stewards of the world we live in, to reduce our impact on the environment and to improve our communities.

Value Our People

At DCI-Artform, we are part of a larger team where together we can accomplish more. Continued talent and skill training and development are critical to our success and improve the company’s overall abilities, along with providing employees with ongoing opportunities.

We strive to build and maintain great working environments in which every individual’s contribution is valued and recognized. Vital to this is providing a workplace where our employees feel healthy and where everyone respects their colleagues and receives respect in return.

We work to improve the health and safety of our employees ¬– encouraging healthy practices, active lifestyles and preventative care.

Protect Our Environment

DCI-Artform is committed to reducing our global environmental impact, and works to minimize it through innovative, sustainable design, production and facilities.

Partner with Our Stakeholders

Our success lies in creating long-term value for our customers and inspiring their trust. Our dedication to serving our customers involves understanding their needs, providing innovative solutions, effective resource management, aligning responsible business practices and delivering on commitments. Our relationships are based on respect, credibility, honesty and commitment.

Suppliers are expected to comply with the standards and principles of DCI-Artform and with all applicable laws and regulations, including environment, health and safety.


Support Our Communities

DCI-Artform supports our communities through extensive volunteering and philanthropic endeavors focused primarily in the following areas:

  • Health and Human Services
  • Environmental
  • Education and the Arts
  • Children/Families/Youth
  • Community Development

We use the skills and resources available within our organization to make a positive impact in the community by raising awareness of its needs and driving efforts to address them.

Find Out More

These goals permeate DCI-Artform and lead us to do what’s right for our communities, for the environment and for you. See some of the retail marketing solutions that have come out of our corporate social responsibility ethos.