Cosmetics Shopping Success is Learning What Customers See


Do you know what your customers see in-store? Are they able to easily find their favorite brand … your brand?

What if the retail environment for your brand placed you smack in the middle of your competitors and forced you to wrestle with them for shoppers’ attention?

That’s the problem Coty faced. They needed a highly visual, in-store merchandising solution that would make their Rimmel brand stand out, attract customers from a distance and increase consumer interaction and purchases.

But how can you grab shoppers’ attention amid a jumble of competition and draw them to your display?


When it comes to positioning clients for success, we’re experts at getting inside shoppers’ heads; and the cosmetics industry is one in which we have done this most extensively.

For decades, we’ve watched and mapped in-store traffic to see what shoppers see, where consumers stopped to browse, for how long and what caught their eye. We understand cosmetics shoppers’ two main trip missions:

  • Replenishment – easily restocking favorite colors and products
  • Trend event – seeking inspiration to try something new

Getting the attention of shoppers on these two diverse trip missions requires different triggers. These triggers must be part of a visual merchandising display for that solution to be truly successful.

So how do you get their attention?


We blended the triggers for these two missions to get their attention at a distance and funnel them past competitors to explore, interact – and buy – Rimmel cosmetics. DCI-Artform created the iBar display using our 30-10-3 principle.

From 30 steps away

  • Logos and illuminated red frames attract shoppers’ peripheral attention and guide replenishment shoppers directly to their desired brand
  • Impact visuals of fashion models inspire trend-event shoppers to explore Rimmel

From 10 steps away

  • Strategically designed category navigation signs and clear product groupings make finding products intuitive for replenishment shoppers
  • Featured hot spots attract trend-event shoppers who seek new discoveries

From 3 steps away

  • Intuitive layout makes replenishment shoppers’ trip mission easy
  • Helpful feature/benefit information, pullout trays, mirrors and color-accurate lighting encourage both types of shoppers to interact with the brand


Shoppers on both missions respond to the triggers.


Coty has commented that it is very pleased with the iBars and feels they look fantastic in-store, showcasing its products to a high visual standard and getting the customer interacting and interested in cosmetics.

The iBars have rolled out on a massive scale and have enjoyed great success:

  1. Coty will implement iBar across more than 30 different countries and languages, in more than 50 different types of retail store environments

  2. So far, more than 10,000 iBars have been installed in 15 different countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Having our intimate understanding of how shoppers see and relate to products in-store is the key to that kind of success.

Contact us to request our full insights and solutions on our Rimmel iBar Cosmetics Display – or to discover what kind of solutions we can create for you.