DCI-Artform Reinvents the Showroom Experience for Subaru


Riding the crest of its record sales results, Subaru wanted to transform the customer experience at Subaru retailers to enhance the experience and facilitate the sales process.


Our research and consumer insights discovered that car shoppers spend an average of 18 hours car shopping on the Internet before they ever enter a dealership. Customers do not want to immediately interact with dealership sales personnel until they are ready to take the next step in the sales process. Sales personnel are challenged to connect with consumers to build trust and confidence.


DCI-Artform developed the Subaru Digital Showroom Program with a dynamic interactive display that encourages brand and product exploration – alone or with a sales consultant. It creates a visual beacon within the showroom that captures attention and engages customers.

The mobile iPad tool puts key information at the sales person’s fingertips, supporting the sales process and facilitating customer dialog anywhere in the dealership. The iPad can be used as a mobile device or can be placed in a self-charging wheel stand.


Each component of the Subaru Digital Showroom has been carefully designed to support the sales process. All of the information needed from the first handshake to vehicle delivery has been brought together and organized for easy access.

Innovative content and customer-focused features will set the Subaru showroom experience apart by making it more memorable and engaging. Plus, digital content delivery ensures showroom information is always up to date.

Dealers reported that the Subaru Digital Showroom:

  1. Increased number of conversations with customers

  2. Enhanced the customer’s overall showroom experience

  3. Made their jobs easier

  4. Made their sales team appear more knowledgeable

We helped put Subaru a step ahead of its competitors.

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