Retail Digital Solutions that Grab Consumersā€™ Attention


Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on digital information to help make purchase decisions at retail … almost to the point that they expect it.

The question that brands and retailers struggle with is, “Just how do we reach consumers with effective digital content that gets them to act?”


With more than two decades of integrating digital solutions into retail environments, we understand that digital solutions require much more than just putting up a few random screens and running TV commercials or website content. Retailers and brands must provide content that effectively engages shoppers, gets them to interact and helps them complete the purchase cycle.

Digital solutions require comprehensive planning and technical expertise. Marketing messages that appear in each context must be compelling, relevant and impactful. Brands need the ability to push promotions live across their entire network of stores or dealers, and individual stores or dealers need the flexibility to adapt the digital message to their location and customer base.


We developed a digital media platform that focuses on delivering interactive content to retail environments. LiveGuide is a proprietary merchandising software and hardware platform that is the foundation of our digital merchandising solutions.

Our digital media platform is more than a “one size fits all” solution. It’s extremely flexible and can be configured for multiple digital merchandising applications and devices in a variety of situations and environments – from touch-screen kiosks to mobile devices in any retail environment.

It is scalable for global markets and its unique applications can be adapted to work for any type of product or selling process.

Best of all, it’s designed to get the right message to the right audience at the right time – every time.


Our LiveGuide software and hardware platform benefits brands, retailers and consumers alike.

Our digital merchandising solutions have proven to be powerful, flexible and compelling.

  1. Gets customer attention and encourages interaction

  2. Allows customization of content to the location for which it was designed, guaranteeing each message is compelling, relevant and impactful to customers

  3. Creates a coordinated sales process across multiple locations and devices in order to deepen engagement and move the customer toward purchase

  4. Magnifies the sale potential by complementing the work of the sales staff and increasing the ease of the selling process

We don’t just do digital. We deliver digital results.

Contact us to request the full insights and solutions behind our LiveGuide retail digital solutions – or to discover what solutions we can create for you.