Building a Future-Forward Digital Platform for Intel’s Best Buy Experience


Ingredient brands succeed when they inspire consumers to find the magic within the products and experiences they buy. So when Intel decided to make a splash at Best Buy with a 12x16 foot shop-in-shop at 50 stores throughout the U.S.,  it sought to introduce customers not only to the devices that have Intel inside, but to the exciting things technology can do for them.

Intel knew that by linking its brand to the innovative technology experiences it drives, it would create preference for and intent to purchase Intel-based devices. But how could Intel build something truly groundbreaking in a mass retailer environment?


The growing Millennial base was important to establishing Intel’s processors, chips, software and analytics as must-have consumer electronics components. Intel wanted its shop-in-shop to be sleek, on-brand and undeniably cool.

Further, Intel’s key performance indicators (KPIs) revolved around brand attribution and perceptions. To deliver on these metrics meant creating a space that was clear and easy to navigate with technology experiences that were easy to access, use and understand.

Several rounds of research were conducted to ensure the shop-in-shop was contextually relevant, likely to appeal to primary and secondary target audiences, and delivering on the KPIs.


To capture shoppers’ imaginations, we developed a shop-in-shop “canvas” for the latest interactive technology, creating a seamlessly integrated physical and digital environment with the ability to update six experiential zones efficiently over the two-year program.

The first mass-deployment of its kind, we developed a custom-built network within Best Buy stores and deployed digital content utilizing our LiveGuide content management system, which allowed for monitoring, analytics and maximized uptime, as well as easy refreshes.

The future-forward technology infrastructure incorporated sensors and creative modularity, as well as support for store labor operations.


The Intel Experience (TIX) succeeded by linking its brand to innovation by driving immersive, engaging, intuitive experience in Best Buy that tells robust stores and bring the “inside” technologies of Intel-powered devices to life.

Through this connection, Intel is able to see direct brand impact through:

  1. Positive brand feedback and attribution

  2. Quantity and quality of engagement

  3. Sharing of experiences

  4. Net Promoter Score

  5. Intent to purchase

On a broader, visionary scale, TIX is able to keep content continually up to the moment through our LiveGuide capabilities and support. TIX helped relaunch the Intel brand as the chief innovator in its category, inspiring consumers to improve their device experiences.

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